7 Human Trafficking Documentaries


Documentaries can shed light into areas we wouldn’t otherwise see. These documentaries are a great way to learn more about human trafficking in its various forms. From sex slavery in your own neighborhood to human trafficking in the food chain, be prepared to have your eyes opened!

I have seen the first four and can say they are worth watching! I plan to watch the others soon.

The True Cost Documentary

The True Cost

“This is a story about clothing. It’s about the clothes we wear, the people who make them, and the impact the industry is having on our world. The price of clothing has been decreasing for decades, while the human and environmental costs have grown dramatically. The True Cost is a groundbreaking documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the untold story and asks us to consider, who really pays the price for our clothing?

Filmed in countries all over the world, from the brightest runways to the darkest slums, and featuring interviews with the world’s leading influencers including Stella McCartney, Livia Firth and Vandana Shiva, The True Cost is an unprecedented project that invites us on an eye-opening journey around the world and into the lives of the many people and places behind our clothes.” – from their website

Available on Netflix. Read this post for my thoughts from this documentary.

Nefarious: merchant of souls documentaryNefarious

“Nefarious: Merchant of Souls is a hard-hitting documentary that exposes the disturbing trends of modern day sex slavery. From the first scene, Nefarious gives an in-depth look at the human trafficking industry, showing where slaves are sold (often in developed, affluent countries), where they work, and where they are confined. With footage shot in over nineteen different countries, Nefarious exposes the nightmare of sex slavery as experienced by hundreds of thousands daily, through the eyes of both the enslaved and their traffickers. Nefarious features expert analysis from international humanitarian leaders, and captures the gripping and triumphant testimonies of survivors in order to galvanize hope and vision.

From initial recruitment to victim liberation—and everything in between—the previously veiled underworld of sex slavery is uncovered in the groundbreaking, tell-all Nefarious: Merchant of Souls.” – from their website


♦Slavery: a 21st Century Evil

An 8 part Al Jazeera documentary covering food chain slavery, sex slaves, bonded slaves, child slaves, charcoal slaves, bridal slaves, and prison slaves.

“It is a nation built on the abolition of slavery, but there are at least 40,000 slaves in the US today. In the opening episode of Slavery: A 21st Century Evil, Al Jazeera’s Rageh Omaar investigates food chain slavery in the US.”

Available on here on Youtube. This is a very well done look into the various forms of slavery. I highly recommend this one!


Sex + Money DocumentarySex + Money: A National Search for Human Worth

“In 2007, a group of student photojournalists embarked on a journey through 20+ nations on every inhabitable continent, motivated by their love for photography and their passion for justice. At the outset, their experiences seemed diverse, even random. However, a common thread of human suffering would soon emerge as their travels exposed them to a dark, seldom discussed side of humanity– children being bought and sold to satisfy the sexual pleasures of other humans.

Upon returning to the United States the students produced a book called Sex+Money: A Global Search for Human Worth. This collection of photographs and stories explores the realities of human trafficking and offers readers a global perspective on the consequences of abusing two of the most powerful forces in the world: sex and money.

While researching to write their book, the young journalists were shocked to discover that the same injustice was happening on their own soil. Currently, across America, between 100,000 and 300,000 minors are being sexually exploited. Meanwhile, most Americans are oblivious to this staggering truth. As a result, what started as a Global Search for Human Worth became a National Search for Human Worth.”


The Dark Side of Chocolate DocumentaryThe Dark Side of Chocolate

“While we enjoy the sweet taste of chocolate, the reality is strikingly different for African children.
The Dark Side of Chocolate is a documentary film about the exploitation and slavetrading of African children to harvest chocolate still occurring nearly ten years after the cocoa industry pledged to end it. ”

Available on Youtube and at CNN’s Freedom Project


Call + Response DocumentaryCall + Response

“This documentary urges viewers to help end the global slave trade, portraying a contemporary epidemic in which countless underprivileged and anonymous people — often young women and girls — are sold into various forms of bondage in all corners of the world. The film makes its points through commentary from experts like Princeton University professor Cornel West and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and with performances by socially conscious musicians such as Talib Kweli.”

Available on Vimeo


Red light green light documentaryRed Light Green Light

“As nations around the globe attempt to fight sex trafficking, many consider legalizing prostitution.  Two filmmakers travel across ten countries to explore the issue,  attempting to answer the question: “How can we prevent sexual exploitation before it happens in the first place?”

Though governments are getting better at prosecuting traffickers and providing aftercare to victims, it is time we begin to ask the question of what lies at the root.”

Available on Amazon and iTunes


Each of these documentaries give insight into the issues of human trafficking and slavery currently in our world. We all know that sex sells, and because of that, documentaries on sex slavery have been much more popular than ones on other forms of slavery. But I would urge you to watch some of the others as well. If we’re going to make a difference and see slavery gone for good, we need to know what we’re facing. Understanding the various areas that slavery reaches informs us how we can be part of changing whatever is allowing slavery to exist there. Let’s continue to walk the paths of justice, together.

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