4 Canadian Ethical Kids Brands

ethical kids clothing

Once we know about slavery in the manufacturing of most clothing found in stores, we can’t unknow it. We must do something different. Here are 4 Canadian brands who value ethics and sustainability. Each one works hard to ensure their products are made slave-free as well as environmentally conscious. Take a look!

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ethical kids clothingKids footwear, sleepwear, and basics.

“From the beginning, mini mioche has done things differently than most apparel companies. Every piece of mini mioche clothing is made from start to finish in Canada. All of our fabrics are knit from premium GOTS certified organic cotton yarn to our specification in Toronto and are made exclusively for us. The fabrics are then dyed locally using low-impact, non-toxic, re-usable dyes.
We actually know the people who make our clothing. We visit our factories regularly and we know that they are paid a fair wage and are treated well.”


ethical clothing

Kids clothes, swimsuits, outerwear and more.

“When Hatley designs a product we try and ensure it’s made from natural fibers, in an environmentally sensitive way and at a facility that shares our values. We visit all the factories involved in making Hatley products. We make it a priority to understand the manufacturing processes, get to know the owners and develop meaningful relationships based on trust.”


ethical kids clothes

Kids sleepwear, clothes, and toys.

“Our collection is produced fair trade in beautiful India. We visit our production facilities twice a year to ensure quality of our product – and say hi to our friends. Fair trade means that the people making our product have a safe working environment, are paid fairly, and have labour standards in place that make us proud to be their partners. Why India? Cotton is not grown in Canada, so it must be imported – India was a natural choice for us because of it’s rich history – organic cotton farming has been a tradition for over 4000 years.”


ethical kids footwear

Kids boots and liners.

“MyMayu works hard to bring its products to you in an ethical and sustainable way, carefully monitoring the working conditions of the people making our products to ensure a healthy work environment and a living wage. We are proud to say that no child labour is used in making our kids’ boots and liners. Made for kids, not by kids!”



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