Justice Resolutions to Start in 2018

Justice Resolutions

Add some Justice to your resolutions this year!

Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or prefer to set some awesome goals for the year, here are ways you can include justice in 2018. Choose one or many and see where the paths of justice take you!


“The first step towards change is awareness” – Nathaniel Branden

  1. Educate yourself! Read a book. Watch a documentary or TED talk. Learn about the issues in your area or around the world.
  2. Learn to recognize the signs of trafficking.
  3. Find out which industries may be hiding slaves in plain sight.


“Justice is in the hands of the ordinary” – Matt Parker

  1. There are many awesome organizations actively fighting slavery. Choose one to financially support. (The Exodus Road and International Justice Mission are two of my favourites. Check out my directory of anti-slavery groups to find one that resonates with you.)
  2. Sign a petition to lobby for better laws to fight trafficking.
  3. Campaign to have human trafficking prevention education included at your kid’s school. (For curriculum in the U.S. click here. For curriculum in Canada click here.)
  4. Become a foster parent. Click here to read about the link between foster kids and sex trafficking. If you can’t be one yourself, see how you can support foster families in your community.
  5. Support an orphanage or children’s home that cares for victims of sexual exploitation, such as this one.
  6. Get in-depth training in anti-human trafficking work at Thrive Justice School.
  7. Stop watching porn. Read here how porn fuels sex trafficking.
  8. Buy ethically-made clothing and gifts. Use this Fast Finder to find out which of your favourite brands are doing the most to protect their workers.
  9. Join an A-team.
  10. Get your church involved. Ask to switch to fair-trade coffee if they have a coffee bar. And Pray! Corporately and individually. Here are some prayer points  to get you started.

I haven’t added it to this list, but even being a parent that raises kids who aren’t vulnerable to being trafficked and who aren’t going to be part of oppressing others is a way to be part of fighting slavery. I firmly believe we all can do something. And for slavery to end once and for all, we must all do something. I hope you find inspiration in this list.


I’d love to hear from you! What justice-related plans do you have for 2018?







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