Canadian organizations

Canadian Women’s Foundation

We are taking a leadership role to help end the human trafficking of women and girls for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Canada.

We are taking action to end sex trafficking in Canada because it is closely linked to our mission to help women and girls to move out of violence, out of poverty, and into confidence.

We recently launched our five-year strategy to help end sex trafficking in Canada. This strategy is based on the work of our National Task Force on Sex Trafficking of Women and Girls in Canada. Our strategy includes grants to programs that help women and girls to escape sex trafficking and rebuild their lives, public awareness campaigns, and working with community stakeholders to build local action plans.

Hope For The Sold

Hope for the Sold is an abolitionist charity that fights exploitation one word at a time, through writing, speaking, and film. The work of HFTS has been covered by CBC, CTV, WDCX, and various local TV and radio networks across Canada and the U.S.


**Blogger’s Note: This is an amazing resource for Canadians. Please check it out!**

Hope Restored Canada

Creating a world where humanity is renewed and restored in healthy relationship.
OUR MISSION: To eradicate sexual exploitation & trafficking through our H.O.P.E. Model. 
We are a group of compassionate abolitionists based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan with team members located in various centers.

IJM Canada

IJM Canada enables Canadians to participate in IJM’s global mission to end violence against the poor. Led by Executive Director Ed Wilson and headquartered in London, Ontario, IJM Canada partners in eight field offices around the world: Bolivia, Cambodia, Chennai (India), Kolkata (India), Delhi (India), Thailand, Kampala (Uganda) and the Dominican Republic.

Nationally, IJM Canada works to educate, empower and engage Canadians in this mission. Visit IJM.ca/get-involved to learn how Canadians can get involved in IJM’s work.

Ratanak International

Ratanak International is a Christian organization that works collaboratively to be a catalyst for transformation in Cambodia through a focus on empowering exploited people and addressing the systems that exploit them.

This is a registered Canadian Charity, with offices in the US, Australia, and the UK as well.

REED: Resist Exploitation, Embrace Dignity

Since 2005 REED has been standing in solidarity and struggle with women who have been sexually exploited and trafficked into the sex industry. We consider it a privilege to share in mutual transformation with women who are surviving the effects of a sexualized and violent culture.

REED seeks to end trafficking and sexual exploitation and strengthen the anti-trafficking movement through a comprehensive approach to change in the radical tradition of Christ.

Our work addresses trafficking and sexual exploitation through working for the dignity of women both systemically (societal level), and individually (personal level).

REED works to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation through a comprehensive plan comprised of six integrated strategies.

Located in Vancouver, Canada 

Stop The Traffik


STOP THE TRAFFIK believe that communities have a vital role in preventing trafficking and building cities, towns and villages that are resilient to trafficking. They need to be equipped and empowered to know what trafficking is, how it affects them and what they can do about it. Everyone has a role to play to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

We are equipping individuals, communities and organizations with campaigns and resources to tackle human trafficking.

**Stop The Traffik is a UK based organization providing resources for many countries around the world, including Canada.